Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
- Leon J. Suenes

Your Legacy

Happy New Year friends!

It’s been a while.

As I bask (finally) in the sweet luxury of some time off after having my second darling baby girl, I’m super grateful for the business I have carefully built with love and determination.


You see I’m not only building a business, I am building a legacy for my daughters.

Yes, I will leave the business and residual (royalty) income to them. But what I’m most excited about passing down to them are the life lessons this business has taught me.


Here are just a few highlights that warm my heart knowing my girls will learn them too…after all, our children model what we DO far above what we say.

1. Love yourself fiercely. It leads to every other kind of love.

2. Learn to say no (with love), it makes room for more yes.

3. Be kind no matter what. Because, karma.

4. Surround yourself with wonderful people.

5. Dance daily.

6. It’s ok to feel, your feelings will be your inner guide to what you truly want.

7. Share.

8. Be unapologetic about being yourself. Always. But apologize if you are ever wrong or hurt someone.

9. You can be, do and have anything you set your heart and mind to.

10. Practice the things you wish to be excellent at. Like self care and back flips.


These simple life lessons and rules of the heart will serve them well. They’ve served me well, and still do today.

It took having a business and being out on a limb to learn many of them myself, and I’m forever grateful because they will forever serve my soul and my girls.

When you think of all the things you have built, will a legacy be one of them?

xo Lav

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