Fortune favors the brave.
- Publius Terence

Will you leave behind a LEGACY?

It’s interesting, the way life works out.

Growing up, I was obsessed with horses. I still am. One of my favourite horses at my barn was a stunning, chestnut, Hanoverian, gelding with a nasty temper named Legacy. Aside from that, I had never really put much thought into the word or meaning. What did legacy mean to a kid anyway?

Today, is a very different story.

A mentor of mine once encouraged me to think beyond what I was creating and dreaming for myself, and to think about the contribution I wanted to make for my daughter, family, friends, community and planet. How did I want to be remembered? This blew my mind, because I had never truly considered these questions. I always had a desire to give back – but it was never a conscious plan and course of action.

You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.

-Evan Esar

When I shifted from what I wanted to create, do , have and become – and moved into what I could do for others, that is when my vision, my “why” and my business really took off. We hear this often: those who give are truly the wealthiest of all.

I have always believed that it is not your title, the car you drive, or how much money is in your bank account that you will be remembered for. It is in the way you treat other people and the way you make them feel. If you can help someone, touch someone’s life, or improve their situation – it is your responsibility to do so. Think beyond yourself and watch your life light up in ways you never imagined!

Some of us have great runways already built for us. If you have one, take off! But if you don’t have one, realize it is your responsibility to grab a shovel and build one for yourself and for those who will follow after you.

– Amelia Earhart

So, I now encourage you to ask yourself: When you look at all of the things you’ve built, will a legacy be one of them?

In legacy,love and happiness,


One Response to “Will you leave behind a LEGACY?”

  1. Rosie Bank says:

    Yes, Lavender. Thanks for the reminder to build something of lasting value. Yes!!

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