We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
- Aristotle

What does it take to BREAK THROUGH?



Everyone wants them.

We know how it feels when we hit one.



As a serial entrepreneur, parent, highly curious human, and empath…I’ve been drawn to figure it out.

To break down the breakthrough.



One word has come up in relation to BREAKTHROUGHS time and time again in my extensive professional research and personal experience.






BOLD actions

BOLD affirmations

BOLD asks

BOLD dreams

BOLD optimism

BOLD faith

BOLD fearlessness

BOLD dedication



What does it take to break through?

In two words: be BOLD.



Let’s break it down. What does it mean to be BOLD in the name of a breakthrough?

Brave: You will have to step up, get uncomfortable, do new things, things you’ve never done before – what got you here won’t get you there. The only person who can rescue you, find you, transform you and build you is YOU. Are you brave enough to go for it? It will take mental and emotional strength to break through to the next level. Can you brave the discomfort?

Only You: No one is you, and THAT is your power. You have significant gifts to offer the world that NO ONE else does. What can you be, do, say, create, or add that nobody else can or has? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just do it your own way. What lights you up? Who do you want to be around? What is your style? When are you happiest? When does time disappear?

Leap of Faith: There is a saying I love and it goes like this, “leap and the net will appear”. It’s only bold and certain faith that will get you to the next level of growth. When you leap, you make room for the Universe to step in and carry you. You don’t need to know the how, not yet anyway – all you need to know is the WHY. The rest will come. When your WHY is on fire, and you take that leap – amazing, incredible, magical things happen. Energy is everything, and everything is energy. FAITH has an energy of anything is possible even if I can’t see it yet. You have to BELIEVE it to see it – not the other way around.

Decide: The most successful people I have ever met, known or heard about in the entire world are DECIDED and dedicated daily to their vision, mission, cause, work. Once you make a decision, you won’t go back. You may WANT to at times, because growth is HARD work…but deciding literally means to “cut off from”. Where are you going and what are you cutting out to get there? Have you decided that you want it more than you’re afraid of it? Have you decided that you are WORTHY of it? A person who is DECIDED carries themselves very differently than one who is still deciding. Which one are you?


If you’re looking for a breakthrough, I strongly believe this is the recipe to get there.


Here’s to breaking through,



xo Lav


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