The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
- Frank Loyd Wright

Pregnant and…single?

The only 2 statuses I never expected to be at the same time.

Yes, it happens.

There have been some raw moments of feeling sorry for myself, yes, I admit it…but then came, peace. Really.

We have no control over other people, only ourselves. We also have no control over the reactions, emotions, habits, actions, and so on, of other people. And while I have learned this a million times over in life and business and parenthood – I think I finally, truly get it now.

People will let you down. They will fall short. They will appear and disappear when you least expect it. Say thank you anyway.

I am 27 weeks pregnant with my second daughter. And I couldn’t imagine being MORE grateful than I am, even if it means doing it on my own.

Being a mom introduced me to myself. And I’m a great mom (for reals, my kid tells me every day).

Becoming a mom for the first time ever with my first daughter introduced to me my own personal power in a way I had never seen it before – a power every woman has – the power of creation, of life, of light and of incredible awe inspiring magic.

Becoming a mom made me patient, and more kind, more honest, authentic and self aware – it forced me to take better care of myself, in order to care for my family, and it taught me not to judge. Anyone. Including myself.

As I begin the final stretch, the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy without a “partner” around, I confess I had been feeling a little lonely..but when I began to think of all the amazing people I have in my life that WANT to be here and continue to do so, I find myself overwhelmed with love and appreciation.

I also find myself reminded that living your truth may not always align with those around you, and that’s ok.

My first priority is always to my girls. I know that what I DO influences them more than whatever I may say – so, living a life that is true to me is the best way to show them how to do the same for themselves.  And I always want what’s best for them.


My girls are surrounded by awesome people who are truly good humans. Friends who have become family, our family who are always there for support and obviously a laugh or three, and my business partners who have become more like family too – all offering examples to me and my daughters of what it means to be a good human.

It’s incredible to be surrounded by good people with big visions and humble hearts. 

And it’s even more incredible that THIS is the environment my girls will grow up in too. An environment where ANYTHING truly is possible and miracles happen every day.


So, while my status may be “single”, I feel far from it with all the love that is around us and all the magic to come.

To all the single moms (and dads) out there – thank you for raising daughters, sisters, friends, partners, mothers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and all around good little humans. (Many will become the moms of the future) YOU are the true heroes of this world.

And to everyone in my life, thank you so very much for making it so rich and filled with love and joy.

To more good times ahead,

xo Lav

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