We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
- Winston Churchill

P is for Patience

P is for Patience….and peace.¬†

It’s time to make peace with patience.

This has been a huge lesson for me, the gal who likes everything done yesterday or sooner. #guilty

My biggest lesson in patience came to me from a likely but unanticipated place…my daughter Winslowe. She is my first child and came with many many many (did I say many?) valuable lessons. For me, the most valuable has by far been the patience she has taught me in life.

Life, business, love, friendship, parenthood….it’s all about the JOURNEY not the end goal.

I have learned (although more slowly and less gracefully than hoped for at times) to enjoy the ride and take time for the things that matter most. The job will get done, the project will be completed, dinner will get made (or ordered) and yes your hair will eventually get washed (promise..but until then there’s dry shampoo). Don’t sweat it.

If it’s meaningful to you you will find or make time for it, if it’s not it’s ok to let it go.

Being  patient also opens the door to the Universe and allows unforeseen forces to help you towards your goals and dreams. When we operate out of forced energy it is draining and seems to take FOREVERRRRRRRRR. But, when we chill out and use a little patience (and faith of course) we allow room for the magic of the Universe to help us flow towards what we truly want.

Yes, we need to have goals! But, we also need to chill as to HOW they come to be. Do EVERYTHING you possibly can to reach them, and then CHILL, and be patient as the Universe conspires on your behalf to do the things that seem out of your power.

It’s not our job to worry about the HOW or the WHEN, just keep your eye on the WOW and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.


Here’s to life, love and all the magic that surrounds us when we stop to take a look around,

In love, peace and patience,



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