The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.
- Ferdinand Foch

Network Marketing is a SCAM!

You were right…

Network Marketing is a SCAM!

But the joke is NOT on you…it’s on society.


I’ve been in NWM (network marketing) for about a decade now. And I can assure you it’s no threat to you, your dreams, your finances, your trust or your family. In fact, it’s one of the MOST powerful business tools I’ve ever come across.


NWM will teach some of the MOST valuable skills you will ever learn as an entrepreneur.

It will teach you to BELIEVE in yourself and your unique abilities.

It will teach you how to CREATE a life of REAL freedom. Personal freedom. Choices. Your own choices.

And, most importantly, it will teach you how to do these things in a FUN, non-life sucking, ethical way.





Our family USANA business has supported our household for nearly a decade in all the most vital areas, including during some of the hardest most stressful times of our lives.


  1. HEALTH – my 2 daughters and I have never been in better health and thanks to Usana, we’ve been getting healthier by the day. My girls have been on the Usana children’s supplements since conception. And I haven’t missed a day taking my Usana products in neatly 10 years. HEALTH is wealth. Without it, everything else suffers.
  2. FINANCES – Usana has allowed us to create a residual stream of income that has carried us through some really difficult hardships. I haven’t missed a pay check (very Friday) in 9 years. That’s so powerful. Even through 2 mat leaves, a 5 year battle with my health, and raising 2 girls as a single mama, Usana has been there for us through it all.
  3. TAX SHELTER – With more than one stream of income, and lots of household expenses, our partnership with Usana has enabled us to maximize our home based business tax shelter, and keep as much of our hard earned income in our household. Everyone needs a great tax shelter.
  4. COMMUNITY – Some of the most wonderful people we know are because of our Usana family. I call it a family, because the bonds we’ve created as a family with our fellow Usana partners and clients are SO far beyond just every day aquaintances. Community is the key to purpose, joy, value and fulfilment.





Why are we taught to be afraid of NWM when it’s such a powerful tool? Maybe because it defies all that we were “taught”. To go to school, get a degree, and get a job. Not that there is ANYTHING dishonourable in those goals – however, that model is not for everyone. The flip side is that when someone gives you a job they also hold the power to take it away. Being an entrepreneur allows to develop skills that make you valuable no matter what.





I’m a 9th generation entrepreneur. It’s no shocker I was allergic to a career in corporate. NWM was a perfect fit for me. It allowed me to build a legacy, business and residual income stream based on my core values and my authentic self. That’s magic!


I highly encourage you to at the very least be OPEN to what NWM can create for you. It’s a cherished gift in our home.

If you’d like to learn more CLICK HERE.


xo Lav

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