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- Steve Jobs

2013 – Lavender’s Legacy – Defyeneurs Magazine “Inspire Them Young” Issue featuring Jack Canfield

GV: Who was your greatest role model growing up?
LM: My greatest role model always and forever will be my mother. She is such an incredible woman.

One of the first women in her field, she defied every single person who told she would never become an optometrist. It was a male dominated field then. She
decided to prove everyone wrong. Not only did she become an optometrist but she opened her very own practice that has been running for over 35 years now,
and became the first female president of her association and remained there for 4 years. She taught me to fight for what I believe in and that I can do anything I choose no
matter who disagrees. She is also “mom” to me and my three younger siblings, and has been such an incredible figure in all our lives. She has “rescued” me countless
times and her unconditional love has never wavered for a moment. She is the kindest, strongest and most loving person I know.
I am so grateful to have such an incredible mother, friend and role model in my life. I hope to be that for my daughter as well.
GV: How are you inspiring your daughter – what is your message to our youth?
LM: I want to be the kind of mother that my mother is to me. I want my daughter to know above all else, that she is valued, adored and always safe.

I hope she will follow her dreams and I want her to know that she can Be, Do and Have anything she wants in this world. It’s her oyster – and she gets to create her
magical life. I want to inspire her to chase her dreams and enjoy every second of her life. She can do anything she dreams possible and I want to inspire her to have grand
dreams every day. All young people should know that they mean something to this world and have a beautiful chance to leave their mark for the greater good of everyone
on the planet. I hope they know that their light shining bright will inspire a universe of good around them. My wish is that they will love themselves unconditionally and
feel confident, brilliant and safe in their own skin.
GV: How can the world benefit from being inspired?
LM: To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible! Inspiring others creates leaders and the world needs more leaders. Especially leaders who are heart-led.

There is magic behind an inspired leader. Passion and purpose create opportunities that could never have otherwise come about.
An inspired world is the best environment for all of us to live in.


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