Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.
- George S. Patton

2012/2013 – Creating Financial Freedom – USANA Magazine

“Prior to partnering with USANA, I spent the better part of a decade in the corporate fashion world as a buyer for well-known, prestigious Canadian retailers. I realized quickly that what I really wanted was my own businesses, and founded my interior design company, Swankpad, as my first step into entrepreneurship. I loved the freedom and the creativity, but the truth is, my income was still directly attached to my time as I was billing an hourly rate. When I was introduced to the opportunity with USANA and the vision of both the company and founder Dr. Wentz, I felt a huge connection with the ability to improve the lives of others while also improving my own. In two short years I have been able to create both time and financial freedom in my life, and am able to do things I most enjoy while teaching others to live their dreams as well. It’s such a rewarding journey in so many more ways than I could have imagined.”


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