A leader is a dealer in hope.
- Napoleon Bonaparte

Are you in Love?

Are you in LOVE?

With the journey you’re on that is.

So, are you?

Here’s the thing, we all get reallllllllly hung up on the destination and forget about the journey to get there.

The raw truth is this though, if we cannot enjoy the journey we will not enjoy the destination when we arrive either.

The constant striving and pushing and fighting to get where we really want to be can totally overshadow our enjoyment of the ride, especially for type-A people like me. I like everything to be done yesterday and patience is still a daily lesson for me.

I have really learned to enjoy my journey though – when I stopped focussing on “over there” (where I was trying to go) and focussed instead on how much fun it was on the way to “there” it all became so clear.

FALL IN LOVE with your journey and the destination will be so much sweeter than you could imagine.


Here are my top 3 tips to savour every moment of your own journey:

TIP #1:

Have a personalized daily practice to begin each day.

This will be unique to everyone but I highly recommend gratitude, movement and vision as 3 areas of focus.

Mine are:

1. Morning meditation – usually 5-10 min – I include my life vision as if it already exists as part of my meditation.

2. A snuggle w my daughter and a review of all the things we are grateful for (she always says cookies!).

3. Some yoga or a walk on the trails in my neighbourhood.

Tip #2:

Include the things you LOVE on a daily basis.

If you adore the ocean – have a picture up or sounds of waves until you can buy your ocean side dream home.

If you adore horses like I do, book riding lessons, buy a horse, go visit a farm or hang horse photography in your home.

If you love to cook or dance or sing, DO IT every day!

Do the things you love in any small way you can on a daily basis, don’t wait until you get “there”..there is NOW.

Tip #3:


Make sure you celebrate how far you’ve come every single day – setbacks and all, you are WAY ahead of where you were when you first began. Recognize your achievements and celebrate them alone or with loves ones daily.

In our home we celebrate EVERYTHING! Big, small, silly or awesome..it all gets a hooray from us!


Now it’s your turn to fall in love.



xo Lav

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