Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
- Leon J. Suenes

About Lavender

“If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” -Thomas Edison

Lavender Morantz

Lavender Morantz

Lavender Morantz is an international  speaker, and breakthrough & leadership expert, specializing in teaching people how to create growth with a proven strategic process.

“I believe financial empowerment is the ultimate key to unlock the life of your dreams. When we get our money stuff out of the way it opens up space to not only live our BEST lives, but to help others to do the same as well. It allows us to contribute on a much larger scale than if we remain stuck in our own money drama and stress. So start thinking bigger today!”

She’s also a serial entrepreneur, founder of SwankPad, Freedom Junkie, co-founder of the Wealthy Moms Club, a business and lifestyle coach, mentor, international speaker, published author, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and a very proud mama of 2.

“With a background in the fashion industry as a national retail buyer, it took me almost a decade to realize the role was not serving me and that my talents and ambitions were meant for a much bigger vision. I took the leap into entrepreneurship in order to live my own dreams and to help others live theirs as well. It has been the most rewarding journey of my life! I look forward to helping as many people as I can live the life they imagined.”

“I was diagnosed with Melanoma at the age of 23 and lived to tell my story. Health is our greatest wealth and I am using my second chance at life to help as many people as possible live up to their full life potential as well.” (read more about Lavender’s cancer story here)

Lavender’s vision is to empower others globally to take inspired action and create the life of their dreams today. She specializes in creating simple strategies for massive success, true financial independence and total JOY.

Lavender’s mission is to help people create the freedom, purpose and joy that they desire in their lives through leadership, coaching and a simple and proven system for unmatched success.