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- Dennis Waitley

2014 April – Eligible Magazine feature – “Toddler Talk: Lessons From A 3 Year Old”
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Toddler Talk: Lessons From A 3 Year Old

By  · On April 16, 2014

“My daughter introduced me to myself.

Before becoming a mother, I thought I knew..but I had no idea.  If you’re a parent I’m sure you can relate – and if not, that’s ok too. There’s something truly magical to be learned from children for everyone in this Universe.

My daughter, Winslowe, just turned 3 this month. In reflecting upon my journey as her mom (even though I swear it feels like I just had her yesterday at times!???), and her journey as a tiny version of the sassiest person you can imagine (cue eye-roll here) – I realized that I always believed it was my job as her mother to teach her how the world works, what to believe and how to think. The honest truth is – I have learned SO much more from being around Winslowe than I have learned at any other stage in my life. What a trip!

While I’m still learning something new every single day, I thought I’d share the biggest lessons she’s taught me thus far…”

Click here to read the full article: Toddler Talk: Lessons from a 3 Year Old


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